Hugo Academic Content Commands

Summary of Content Creation Commands

From the Academic Documentation

Create a User

hugo new --kind authors authors/firstname_lastname

add person’s image (png or jpg)

cp picture.jpg content/authors/firstname_lastname/avatar.jpg

Create a Blog

hugo new --kind post post/blog_title

images within the article - add images to the article folder:

cp image.jpg content/post/blog_title/article_image.jpg

and add it to the content using: ![kanban](example.jpg) within the article

add a display image (png or jpg)

cp picture.jpg content/post/blog_title/featured.jpg

Add a Publication Reference

hugo new --kind publication publication/publication_title

add a display image (png or jpg)

cp picture.jpg content/publication/publication_title/featured.jpg

add a pdf (with the same name as the folder) and it will be automatically available

cp picture.pdf content/publication/publication_title/publication_title.pdf

Create a Project

hugo new --kind project project/project_name

add a display image (png or jpg)

cp picture.jpg content/project/project_name/featured.jpg

Create a Talk

hugo new --kind talk talk/my-talk-name

Talk Slides are a bit more complicated see:

Course (Documentation)

This is tricky (copy and rename an existing course and adapt it)

courses can be renamed and can have multiple folders (courses) within it.

NOTE: the algebra_1 folder cannot have any sub-folders. Within an actual course all materials must be within a FLAT hierarchy.

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