Ash Framework 2.1

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to the Ash Framework 2.1!


Ash Framework is a declarative, resource-oriented application development framework for Elixir. A resource can model anything, like a database table, an external API, or even custom code.

I’ve been curious about the Elixir Ash Framework and with the current ‘stable’ release, I decided to spend part of my vacation to explore and hopefully learn Ash.


It is expected that you are already familiar with (but you need not be an expert):

  • Elixir - if you want to learn more about Elixir I recommend both Dockyard Academy Curriculum and Exercism
  • Relationships - belongs_to, has_many, has_one and join_tables
  • Phoenix & LiveView
  • JSON API (optional)
  • GraphQL & Absinth (optional)

Shout Out

To the helpful people on the Ash Discord community, especially:

  • Zach Daniel
  • frankdugan3