Rails 7.1.0.alpha2 (main) Test-drive

Installing & creating a new Rails 7.1 from Main

Install Rails Gem

To install rails you first need to install the rails gem with:

gem install rails

I thought it would be fun to test the new alpha version of rails - but I always forget how to do this without upgrading an existing projects.

Discover the Pre-release versions

gem list rails --remote --prerelease -e

--remote - checks the rubygems site - not the locally installed versions --prerelease - find pre-release versions -e - use an exact match (many packages have rails in the name).

If you find a package version you want the you install using:

gem install rails --version 7.0.0.alpha2

# or (also works to install older versions of rails)

rails _7.0.0.alpha2_ new magic_links

Install main branch (an unpackaged version)

to install rails using main do:

rails new rails71 --main

Favorite switches for rails new:

--skip-test - since I like using rspec ;)

rails new rails71 --javascript=esbuild --css=tailwind --database=postgresql --skip-bootsnap --skip-test

# see all options with:

rails new --h

Now continue as normal!

I like install:

  • rspec
  • flowbite
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