Agile Classrooms in the Alps

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LAS began planning in 2014-2015 for the opening of a middle school (grades 7 and 8) in Fall 2016. Using the core principles of Scrum and the latest research on effective learning, participants designed their own highly visible learning radiators, used the Learning Rhythm as an iterative learning cycle, and created their own vision of 21st Century learning. In 2015-2016 a small committee will use the concept of the Visible Classroom to visually manage their work for increased transparency and collaboration. Even as LAS designs instruction to support greater student self-regulation through Agile principles, they’ll be gaining greater experience with Agile … by using it!

To help incorporate Agile into their school, they [Paul Magnuson and Bill Tihen] brought in John Miller, a Certified Scrum Coach and Chief Empowerment Officer of Agile Classrooms, for two days of training. The Scrum Alliance has been a big supporter of John’s commitment to using Scrum to transform the world of education ever since he unveiled the first classroom to use Scrum at the Atlanta Scrum Gathering in 2010. When the Scrum Alliance, the largest Agile organization in the world, heard of Paul and Bill’s desire to implement Scrum for their students, they stepped up to sponsor the event. The Swiss Group of International Schools also co-sponsored the workshop.

The Agile Classrooms Workshop